God and Sexuality at Bowdoin
Owen Strachan, The American Spectator

Is Bowdoin Christian Fellowship really discriminating against others by selecting its own leaders, students who adhere to the historic Christian belief that homosexuality is sinful? The answer is plain: it most certainly is not.

Russell Moore on “Convictional Kindness” and Transgenderism
Alexander Griswold, Juicy Ecumenism

Dr. Moore stressed that faithful Christians most be more compassionate and hospitable to transgendered individuals, and make it clear that they were not ‘a freak’.

Can Megachurches Deal With Mega Money in a Christian Way?
Ruth Graham, The Atlantic

Mars Hill Church spent $210,000 getting its pastor’s book to the top of the New York Times best-seller list. Where is the line between a pastor promoting his own career and promoting the ministry of his church?

The Scandinavian Sceptic (or why atheism is a belief system)
Andy Bannister, BeThinking

“I don’t believe that Sweden exists,” my friend suddenly declared from across the coffee shop table. He took a sip of espresso and stared intently at me, clearly awaiting a response. I paused, my cinnamon roll halfway to my mouth, as I digested what he’d just said.