A meditation on nine icons of Christ to mark the middle of Lent.

1. To Thee we sing, our God (0:00)
2. Lord, have mercy (2:38)

3. Thee we sing, praise You (4:48)
4. God, have mercy (7:08)
5. My prayer ascend up to you, Lord (9:15)
6. Holy, holy – Remember me, Lord – Praise the Lord (11:19)
7. Refrain from the 9th Song of the canon (15:14)
8. Cherubim Hymn (18:30)
9. In praise of the Holy Trinity We sing (24:17)

(Unfortunately, this particular music is available only as an untranslated compilation that is available on the German Amazon site, so I can’t give any attributions. The translation here—such as it is—is a machine translation.)