How far down does this hole go?

Bloomberg reports that the FDA is considering approving a new technology that would combine the DNA of two mothers with one male “donor” in order to create a better baby. Can anyone say “Frankenstein,” please?

I wish Robert P. George was still on the President’s Council on Bioethics to  discuss the morality, er, ethics, of this latest “improvement”–but that Council was disbanded before its term ran out by President Obama, but it was replaced in 2010 with the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, which has held 16 meetings since 2010. At its most recent one in Feb. 2014 this was discussed in session 2:

Now, so shall we be thinking about the possibility of giving medications or drugs to people as a way of causing them to be less aggressive and thereby to better fit in with society, be more functional in families, more functional in school, more functional in their work?

So some of the ethical issues raised by this kind of possibility and raised in our discussion were concerns about justice, the justice of such drugs, the dignity, the human dignity involved in using pharmaceuticals to enhance ourselves morally; how such drugs or other resources might affect the notion of free will and autonomy.  Is it really me freely deciding to be a moral person if I’ve taken a pill?

These questions are out there. In the view of utopian science, one way to perfect man may be through drugs, but maybe you can do it through genetic manipulation. If you care about whether or not Frankenstein is given a free pass and you live in Chicago, I URGE you to attend this luncheon lecture by William Hurlbut of Stanford University next Friday March 14. We are being warned, but who will take heed? Can a society endure that murders 55 million of its unborn while spending billions on Frankenstein’s new laboratory?