Holding the Ropes
Andrew Walker and Daniel Darling, First Things

How religious liberty helps advance the gospel.

Study: 2 Million U.S. Scientists Identify As Evangelical
Christine Herman , Christianity Today

A new NAE-backed initiative wants to see if they can help scientists and evangelicals better understand each other.

Children’s Restrooms Are The Next Front Line In The Gender Wars
Owen Strachan, The Federalist

Gender upheaval, coming soon to a commode near you.

Where Does “Separation of Church and State” Come From and What Does It Really Mean?
Justin Taylor , The Gospel Coalition

It’s not uncommon for advocates of the “high and impregnable wall” misunderstanding of the metaphor to suggest that Jefferson’s own policies were incompatible with his own principles (e.g., endorsement of federal funds to build churches, support of Christian missionaries among the Native Americans, etc.).