The Unbearable Cruelty of Banning Blankets for the Homeless
Joe Carter, Acton Institute

Does the city of Pensacola, Florida care more about the comfort of cats than the dignity and safety of human beings?

What’s Wrong with Belgium?
Tracey Rowland, Crisis Magazine

What went wrong? How can a nation that is even nominally Catholic do this? Can all this be pinned on the theology of Edward Schillebeeckx and his colleagues who wanted to correlate theology to the spirit of the times, to accommodate Catholicism to modernity?

N. Korea brutality detailed in U.N. report
Baptist Press

A report detailing brutal crimes against humanity in North Korea was released by a United Nations commission that urged the international community to take responsibility for protecting the people there.

Is Homosexual Orientation Sinful?
Denny Burk, Canon and Culture

Some Christian ethicists take this observation a step further and argue that we must make a moral distinction between orientation and behavior. On this view, homosexual behavior is a choice and thus morally blameworthy.