Liberalism’s Biggest Lie: If You Like Your Morality, You Can Keep Your Morality
Carson Holloway, Public Discourse

The unchecked progress of sexual liberalism means that we cannot say what kind of moral culture our children will inhabit as adults or, accordingly, what kind of moral culture will form our grandchildren. No responsible person can support such a movement.

The War on Christians in the Middle East
Michael Coren, Catholic World Report

Baroness Warsi, UK’s Minister for Faith, warns of the possible extinction of Christianity in its historical heartlands.

Don’t Let Social Engineers Define Normality
James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

The great political, social, and moral issue of the present day is the authority of the natural and normal.

The Abrahamic Fallacy
Mark Durie, New English Review

The concept of “Abrahamic faiths” is a fallacy. Its contemporary influence was, tragically, born out of a century of Christian suffering in the Middle East and foisted upon the unsuspecting West.