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Touchstone is a journal which I highly esteem. Touchstone exemplifies, in my mind, true ecumenical conversation and cooperation, in furthering the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ in our personal lives and in the world. I look forward to receiving each issue and usually find myself reading each issue in its entirety. Certainly, Touchstone has helped me to think more deeply about many aspects of the Christian faith and of its practice in a pervasively secularized society. It is my hope and prayer that Touchstone will continue its service, as we say in Latin, ‘ad multos annos,’ for many years. May God bless all who continue the noble and important work of Touchstone!

—Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal
of the Apostolic Signatura

I love everything about Touchstone—the writers, the topics they write about, the tone. As an adult convert to Christianity, I have a lot of ground to make up. Touchstone is an enormous help.

—Fred Barnes
Executive Editor, Weekly Standard

Touchstone is a voice that greatly needs to be heard in today’s Christian world. If this is what robust ecumenism means, we need more of it!”

—Kallistos Ware
Bishop of Diokleia

Touchstone serves the most significant form of ecumenical endeavor today: the rallying and coalescing of those in all the churches who stand for doctrinal, moral, and devotional orthodoxy. The fact that Touchstone exists to serve this purpose gives it great importance.”

—J. I. Packer
Author, Knowing God

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