Pope tells Christians to put aside their divisions
Associated Press

Pope Francis has led a prayer service in a Rome basilica attended by representatives of Orthodox, Anglican and other Christian communities in hopes of healing centuries-old divisions.

SD bills allow refusal to take part in gay wedding
Chet Brokaw, Associated Press

Two bills filed in the South Dakota Legislature seek to protect clergy, church officials and businesspeople who refuse to take part in gay marriages or receptions because of their religious beliefs.

Supreme Court blocks contraceptives rule for religious groups
David G. Savage, L.A. Times

The Supreme Court on Friday shielded the Little Sisters of the Poor and other nonprofit religious groups from complying, for now, with the Obama administration’s rule that they provide free contraceptives in the health insurance they offer employees.

Women and Children First
Marion D. Boteju, Public Discourse

Men and women struggling with infertility know real heartache. However, as citizens of a country founded on the struggle for rights and freedom, Americans have a civic and moral duty to confront laws that marginalize the already marginalized and threaten to create a second-class citizenry.