9 Things You Should Know About the Holocaust
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, an annual international day of commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Here are nine things you should know about one of the most horrific genocidal campaigns in history.

Abortion: A Public Issue
Christopher O. Tollefsen, Public Discourse

Contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court, abortion is not a private issue. It snuffs out the existence of a member of the human community—a person like us with a radical capacity for reason and freedom.

Satan, Sin, and Sociology
Anne Hendershott, Catholic World Report

A clear-eyed understanding of sin has been replaced by a therapeutic culture and “psychological man”

U.S. Supreme Court Protects Little Sisters of the Poor
The Becket Fund

Today the Little Sisters of the Poor received an injunction from the Supreme Court protecting them from the controversial HHS mandate while their case is before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.