The Journal Summer 2013 210x300 Evangelicals and Catholics Together (Again)In light of the ecumenical nature of much of the advocacy at yesterday’s March for Life, I think it’s worth highlighting a recent effort at constructive dialogue between evangelicals and Roman Catholics that has not received much notice: “Evangelicals and Catholics Together on Law: The Lord of Heaven and Earth.”

The statement has been eight years in the making and takes its inspiration (as seen by the title) from the work of Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT). The statement appeared in the summer issue of the Journal of Christian Legal Thought, and you can read a PDF here. As Mike Schutt, who edits the journal, notes, signatories to the statement include Os Guinness, Barb Armacost, and David Skeel, Robert George, Rick Garnett, and Russell Hittinger.

The latest issue of the journal featured a number of responses to the statement, including one from me under the title, “The Ecumenical Challenge of Catholicity.”