The Personhood Pincer
Wesley J. Smith, First Things

The Nonhuman Rights Project made headlines recently by filing three lawsuits seeking to have chimpanzees declared legal persons entitled to “bodily liberty,” and hence, writs of habeas corpus to end their forced captivity.

Angels and Demons
Jill Filipovic and Ty McCormick, Foreign Policy

Pentecostalism is the world’s fastest growing religious movement. But in much of Africa, it’s fueling witch-hunts and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Why Do Catholics and Protestants Have Different Bibles?
Laura McAlister, Ignitum Today

It was one of the odder things about returning to the Catholic Church. Suddenly I realised that I had seven more books, and a few extra chapters, in my Bible than I did as a Protestant.

Pope Francis and his invitation to dialogue with Islam
Fr. Samir Khalil Samir,

Islam is at a crossroads: either religion is a way towards politics and towards a politically organized society, or religion is an inspiration to live and love more fully.