What Francis can do on anti-Christian persecution
John L. Allen, Jr. , National Catholic Reporter

Maybe Francis can be to the early 21st century what John Paul was to the late 20th, meaning a pope who genuinely changes history.

Uncomfortable Truths about Family Breakdown
Michael Barone, National Review Online

Children without married parents miss out on more than just income.

Lynne Hybels, Evangelicals, and Israel
Mark D. Tooley, First Things

There is a small but growing movement among evangelicals against unique friendship for Israel, embodied by the recent “Impact Holy Land” conference hosted by Evangelicals for Social Action in Philadelphia.

Scientific Groupthink and Gay Parenting
Richard E. Redding, The American

The controversy over a recent study on gay parenting illustrates a sociopolitical groupthink operating in the social scientific community. Scientists should go where the science takes them, not where their politics does.