Therapeutic Christianity and the Wesleyan Tradition of Evangelicalism
Dale M. Coulter, First Things

Wesleyans should resist the tendency of certain Reformed theologians to see the Wesleyan vision of Christianity, whether in its Methodist, Holiness, or Pentecostal versions, as part of the problem rather than an important contribution to the solution.

Football and the Warrior Instinct
Jonathan Parnell, Desiring God

While “warrior culture” is dangerous, warrior instinct is endangered, and football stands as one of the last bastions of its enduring good.

Understanding the Slavery-Abortion Analogy
Justin Dyer, Public Discourse

In both Dred Scott and Roe, the justices of the Supreme Court had to decide what it means to be a person, whether human beings can be considered property, and what it means to be deprived of liberty. They got it wrong both times.

’Big Love’ Vindicated: Polygamy and Privacy
Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary

Once you blow up a societal consensus it cannot be easily reconstructed to protect only those practices or beliefs you like while still banning those you think ought to be kept beyond the pale.