The New Homophiles
Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine

Never before has a devout, vocal, and coherent group of educated, thoughtful, and orthodox gay† Christians sought to articulate what the Church’s teaching might mean for someone who is not attracted to the opposite sex.

Federal Judge Rules That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal in Utah
Erick Eckholm, New York Times

Salt Lake County began issuing marriage licenses to jubilant same-sex couples on Friday, hours after a federal judge ruled that Utah’s amendment barring same-sex marriage violated the United States Constitution.

Do you even want to win the culture war?
James Chastek, Just Thomism

Perhaps the church had its run of control over the world, but it’s better off now that its lines of evangelization are characterized by freedom, reason, and legitimate parental authority.

Race, Reconciliation, and Phil Robertson
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

What Robertson said about race in the segregated South — and what he needs to say now.