Religious Liberty Triumphs Over OCare
Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary

This is just one of the 88 cases that have been brought against the government by those rightly citing the mandate as a violation of their constitutional rights. But this is the first time the plaintiffs have received a permanent injunction that prevents the government from either enforcing the provision or levying crippling fines against violators.

Complicating Conception: The Desires of Parents and the Rights of Children
Christopher White, Public Discourse

Infertile parents who desperately seek a child might see anonymous sperm donation as the solution to their fertility difficulties. But as the stories in the Anonymous Us collective reveal, the difficulties faced by donor-conceived children are just beginning.

Social Conservatives and Social Science
Ross Douthat, New York Times

Noting that “academic economists range from liberal to libertarian,” he asks: “What can we learn from conservative economics’ failure to launch?”

Polygamy comes out of the closet
Michael Cook, Mercatornet

To Judge Waddoups, such words are “unthinkable” in a racially and religiously pluralistic society. There can be no rational basis for a ban on “religious co-habitation”. Society is no longer predominantly Christian and its standards cannot legitimately define relationships.