Has the Sexual Revolution Been Good for Women?
Mary Eberstadt, Intercollegiate Review

Of all the political gambits that ought to be torn from the playbook once and for all, the idea that a national “war on women” is afoot has got to top the list.

The Daughter Theory
Ross Douthat, New York Times

Does having daughters make people more socially conservative?

Common Core Sexualizes American School Children
Mary Jo Anderson, Crisis Magazine

Across the nation, in public and Catholic schools, parents and teachers have found sexually inappropriate materials in the exemplars recommended by Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Religious groups get win vs. O’care birth-control mandate
Selim Algar, New York Post

In a blow to President Obama’s signature legislative mandate, a Brooklyn federal judge on Monday sided with several Catholic organizations in New York, saying they do not have to comply with an Affordable Care Act requirement to provide employees with contraceptive coverage.