Down the Ladder of Depravity
Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

The man who says, “Stealing is good,” and who believes it and acts upon it, is ravaged with a moral disease. Just as we see the effects of a dreadful cancer in sick organs scattered throughout the body, so moral depravity soils almost everything that the sufferer touches.

Biblical Adoption Is Not What You Think It Is
David Neff, Christianity Today

For one, it wasn’t about the child, but mostly the family.

Rousseau on the Reformation
Jordan Ballor, The Calvinist International

In a recent interview, the historian Molly Worthen describes her investigation into the relationship between evangelicals and authority, and provides an explanation that what is often identified as evangelical “anti-intellectualism” is actually a struggle to reconcile different sources of authority.

Ukrainian Protesters Find Powerful Ally in Orthodox Church
David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

In recent days, the Kyivan Patriarchate, which controls St. Michael’s, has emerged as a powerful ally of the thousands of protesters demanding the resignation of President Viktor F. Yanukovich and the revival of the far-reaching political and trade accords with the European Union that he has refused to sign.