It’s now become a December favorite, from Touchstone‘s December 2003 issue, William Tighe’s Calculating Christmas.

Here are a few other December articles from our Archives for Advent/Christmas:

Grace & Truce
 On the Cutting Edge of God’s “Peace on Earth”
by David C. Brenner

The Recycled Goat
The Adventures of Gift-Giving in a Large Family
by Rebecca Sicree

Food, Noise, Fire!
 On the Bethlehem Baboon & Other Christmas Traditions
by Rebecca Sicree

A Card for Aunt Hilda
Christmas Letters & Vanishing Connections
by Gary A. Fritz

Looking for Wenceslaus
The Real Men Behind the Christmas Carol
by Michael H. Baum

Savior in a Manger
Early Christian Teaching on the Incarnation & Redemption
by Patrick Henry Reardon

Child Everlasting
by Anthony Esolen

Passing Customs
The Family History a Winter Festival Doesn’t Tell
by Joanna Bogle

God Rest Ye Merry
On Celebrating the Darker Meaning of Christmas
by Wilfred M. McClay

Yes, Aquinas, There Is a Santa Claus
by Nathan Schleter

A Mighty Child
by Anthony Esolen

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