C.S. Lewis and the Power of Imagination
Peter Wehner, Commentary

The English literary critic and poet William Empson said Lewis was the best-read man of his generation, one who read everything and remembered everything he read. “He seemed constitutionally incapable of allowing an assumption, or premise, to pass undissected,” is how one writer, James Como, put it.

The Christian Intellectual
R.R. Reno, First Things

How should the Christian intellectual proceed? What should be our approach to higher education and academic work?

Clash of absolute truths in WPost coverage of Schaefer trial
Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Once again, the Post team does a fine job of showing that there is little or no unity in the United Methodist Church on issues linked to marriage and sex, although — for several decades — liberals in the church have fallen short in their efforts to change the denomination’s doctrines.

Raising Christian Kids in a Sex-Filled Culture
Marlena Graves, Christianity Today

We can’t isolate our kids from sin, but we can teach them to recognize it and learn from it.