An Anesthetized Culture: Further Reflections on Drugs
R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine

What are the implications of legalizing marijuana? As a culture we are normalizing the kind of experience described above, allowing people to temporally “check out.”

Hurdles Seen for Change to China’s One-Child Rule
Chris Buckley, New York Times

The Chinese government’s decision to relax a decades-old one-child limit on couples has already encountered two problems likely to test dozens of social and economic changes promised by President Xi Jinping — vagaries about implementation and magnified public expectations of even bigger changes ahead.

Falling Short Of Honest Dialogue On The Abortion Pill
Leslie Loftis, The Federalist

Last week, New York Magazine published a post which covered mifepristone, also known as RU-486 or the abortion pill, and how it has not revolutionized abortion as once expected.

Love and Unity: Sexual Ethics in the Modern World
Christopher Kaczor, Public Discourse

One Body, by Alexander Pruss, melds rigorous philosophical analysis and insightful moral theology to advance a clearly-articulated system of sexual ethics based on the call to love.