Acceptance of Drugs: A Challenge to Culture and Evangelization
R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine

In response to this growing acceptance, I want to argue very clearly that drugs intrinsically undermine culture. They are not simply a fun relief from the stresses of life, but rather an escape that removes one from reality in an escalating fashion. I

The Church Must Respond to Religious Persecution
Eric Teetsel, Manhattan Project

To understand how the church must respond, we must first understand what is taking place in the broader culture.

The Two Wings of Evangelicalism
Dale M. Coulter, First Things

You’ve heard of Bonaventure’s famous image of faith and reason as two wings by which the soul flies toward God? Well, evangelicals have two wings, one devoted to that mystical ascent of faith and the other toward the rational exposition of the faith.

Beleagured Syrian Christians fear fall of Assad
Dusan Stojanovic, Associated Press

Christians believe they are being targeted – in part because of the anti-Christian sentiment among extremists and in part as punishment for what is seen as their support for Assad.