The Resurrection of American Philanthropy
John Daniel Davidson, First Things

Government has imposed a veritable monopoly on almost all forms of social welfare, so there’s no way to know whether private groups would step forward if government stepped back, or what the results would be.

Hagel orders same-sex benefits in Guards
Jeremy Herb, The Hill

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday ordered all state National Guards to grant same-sex couples full benefits after nine states have refused to do so.

Stop Calling Marriage a ‘Luxury Good’
Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

If you want to talk about economic inequality in matrimony, don’t just look at the weddings. Look at the divorces.

Air Force Academy drops ‘So help me God’ from honor oath
Kimberly Winston, Religion News Service

Air Force Academy cadets will no longer be required to include the words “so help me God” when taking their annual Honor Oath.