The Church Persecuted
George Weigel, First Things

Each issue of the admirable ecumenical journal, Touchstone, includes a department called “The Suffering Church.” It’s a title that Catholics of a certain age associate with purgatory; in Touchstone’s vocabulary, however, “the Church suffering” is the Church being purified here and now by persecution. It’s a useful reminder of a hard fact.

Survey Says: Women Are for Life
Daniel Kuebler, Public Discourse

In contrast to the rhetoric of a “war on women,” recent polls reveal that the majority of American women support abortion restrictions and regulations. This is unsurprising, since unfettered abortion access hurts women and gives men a sexual advantage.

Feminism and the Razing of the Village
Leslie Loftis, The Federalist

Feminism promised to empower women. Instead it destroyed their support system.

The world has never had it so good – thanks partly to capitalism
Allister Heath, The Telegraph

We live in largely peaceful times, with better access to medicine and education – the world is easily in the best place it’s ever been.