Sexual Disorientation: The Trouble with Talking about “Gayness”
Michael W. Hannon, First Things

I wonder in particular whether employing the concept “gay people” with such nonchalance may communicate a familiarity and friendliness with this concept that is unmerited by its pedigree.

The New Narcotic
Morgan Bennett, Public Discourse

New neurological research reveals that porn is as potently addictive as heroin or cocaine.

Ever Ancient, Ever New: The Role of Beauty in the Restoration of Catholic Culture
Bishop James D. Conley, STL, Crisis Magazine

When we speak of evangelization, we mean not only the conversion of individuals, but also the transformation of culture.

How Christians should think about bioethics
Joe Carter, ERLC

A couple of conceptual tools that will help us to categorize the various bioethical issues and think about them from a Christian perspective.