The Real Lessons of Prohibition
Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

So, then, what does Prohibition teach us? That amendment inserted into the Constitution a law that neither protected fundamental rights nor adjusted the mechanics of governance.

3 Reasons Why The Texas Abortion Regulation Ruling Is A Complete Mess
Sean Davis, The Federalist

People can disagree about whether the outcome of the ruling is just, but it is difficult to read the judge’s ruling and come away believing it is anything other than a crime against logic.

Ecclesiastical Exceptionalism
James R. Rogers, First Things

I’d suggest that the Church is not a community, it is the community. By that I mean that there is an ontological reality to the community of the Church that does not exist for any other type of human community.

The Reformation & the Arts
Gene Edward Veith, Modern Reformation

A major controversy during the time of the Reformation involved the proper use of the arts.