Theological ignorance an embarrassment that should be remedied
Bill Tammeus, National Catholic Reporter

The low level of theological education of church members — and from my ecumenical experience, I think I can safely include Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox — is embarrassing.

Amid New Attacks, Egypt’s Copts Preserve Heritage
Hamza Hendawi, AP

The little known Anba Bishay Church offers a striking example of how Egypt’s Orthodox Coptic Church jealously guards its heritage against formidable odds.

The Emerging Divide in Evangelical Theology
Gerald R. McDermott, Virtue Online

While evangelical theology has come into its own in recent decades, it is also deeply divided.

Using Public Information to Protect Religious LibertyBrian Simboli
Brian Simboli, Crisis Magazine

The government has tremendous power to obtain information about the citizenry. The latter, however, often has difficulty obtaining information about government activity.