John Howard Yoder and the Violent Power of Pacifism
Stephen H. Webb, First Things

Two recent news items, one concerning John Howard Yoder, the great Mennonite theologian, and the other Malala Yousafzai, the sixteen year-old Pakistani advocate for girls’ education, shed further light on the nature of pacifism.

A Throw Away Culture in Reproductive Medicine
Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine

The “Brave New World” of genetic manipulation in reproductive medicine has arrived, and its arrival embraces the utilitarian calculation that the death of the innocent is a legitimate means to secure the health of another.

God Does Not Post to YouTube
Read Mercer Schuchardt, Second Nature

How about the word of God: is it addictive, powerful, and very entertaining? It is, in truth, only one of these three things.

38 Ways to Make a Baby
Joe Carter, ERLC

From the time of Adam and Eve until the late 1970s, there was—with one notable exception—only one way to make a baby: the sexual bonding of a man and a woman.