Why We Separate Church and State
Seth Mandel, Commentary

The struggle to explain the motivations of statecraft through history often gets mired in the difficulty of differentiating between economic self-interest and cultural prime movers.

A Theologian’s Influence, and Stained Past, Live On
Mark Oppenheimer, New York Times

Can a bad person be a good theologian?

What Obamacare means to Little Sisters of the Poor
Mario Diaz, Washington Times

Religious order was deemed ‘not religious enough’ to earn exemption.

In Defense of Pope Francis
William Doino Jr., First Things

One would think, given this effort to defame the pontiff, that commentators would be extra-careful not to misrepresent him. Instead, however, what we have witnessed, from a strange alliance of commentators, on both the Left and Right, is an effort to depict Francis as someone he is not, and never has been.