“A lot of rabbit pie is being eaten but you cannot keep up with them.”

This comes from a story at Breitbart about the planned (“culling”–is that Scots for “killing”?(!)) of thousands of rabbits on the tiny Scottish Island of Canna in the Inner Hebrides. (Is Scotland the only place that has tiny islands? I rarely read about a “tiny” Greek island. Or is it just me?)

Things got out of hand when the burrowing rabbits caused a landslide on the island, blocking a road for days. The rodent saboteurs behind the landslide have yet to be caught, but when they are, their fate will be determined by the local constabulary’s criminal justice unit. Greenpeas protesters have been spotted off the coast in a bright green “peace” dinghy, the SS Fudd, with a hoisted protest banner, “O Ye Canna Cull Canna’s Wabbits!”