Do young Catholics even understand their religion?
Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post

ow can we expect a young Catholic to fully grasp Church teaching on contraception, abortion, and poverty if they do not understand basic beliefs like the Eucharist, the reception of the body and bloody of Christ; original sin, that mankind is inherently born with sin and will do wrong at times; or salvation, that we are perfected not in our life on earth but in heaven?

Sex-Selective Abortion and Abuse of Women Linked, Says Panel
Adelaide Mena, National Catholic Register

A House panel of experts said the gender imbalance in India is linked to sex trafficking and other sexual abuses faced by women.

Old Nazis, Nixon & Yom Kippur
Mark Tooley, The American Spectator

Reflections on the persistence of evil — and the instruments of Providence.

Snake Handling History in Six Bites
Kate Tracy, Christianity Today

Condemned Pentecostal practice lives long enough to get its own reality TV show.