To Tame the World
N.D. Wilson, Christianity Today

What terrifies us about reality pushes us toward its Creator.

G.K. Chesterton, Genius
George Weigel, First Things

Through seven hundred pages that reflect an immense work of devoted scholarship, Ian Ker weaves the story of a Catholic defender of reality who was utterly convinced that history is His-story, God’s story, and thus a divine comedy, not a terrible tragedy.

Countering Christian Support for Gay Marriage
Joshua Brotherton, Crisis Magazine

It is the common understanding of many “Christians” more or less influenced by the gay lobby (like “religious” abortion advocates) that one’s personal religious position on such ethical matters should not be imposed on others—the mortal assumption here is that opposition to immoral behavior is merely a “personal religious opinion.”

Complex Science at Issue in Politics of Fetal Pain
Pam Belluck, New York Times

It is a new frontier of the anti-abortion movement: laws banning abortion at 20 weeks after conception, contending that fetuses can feel pain then.