2013 Poised to Set Another Record for Most Pro-Life Legislation Passed
Mailee Smith, LifeNews.com

In 2013, life-affirming federal and state legislation designed to protect women from the harms inherent in abortion has garnered increasing attention and support from legislators and the American public — and engendered increasing fear and consternation among abortion advocates and their allies.

The living (mile)stones of monotheism
The Economist

One detail that every news report about Maaloula mentions is that many residents speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Well, that is true in a way, but the full story is a bit more complicated.

Pope says empty convents and monasteries should house refugees

Disused church buildings should be used to house refugees, who must be embraced rather than feared, Pope Francis told asylum seekers in Rome on Tuesday, underlining his papacy’s emphasis on the poor and the plight of immigrants.

Treating marriage like a car lease
Ernie Freeman, Fox13

What if marriage was like leasing a car? After a couple years, you could renew the relationship or just walk away, with no fuss.