Archbishop urges Christians to ‘repent’ over ‘wicked’ attitude to homosexuality
John Bingham, The Telegraph

The vast majority of people under 35 think that the Christian attitude to gay people is “wicked” and “incomprehensible”, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

How Catholics Can Save Our Dying Civilization
R. J. Snell, Crisis Magazine

Even before joining the Church, I was tantalized and impressed by the Christian Humanism of Catholicism. Here was a faith that included great intellectuals and great mystics, magnificent works of art in exalted buildings and works of mercy in the most humble of settings, the work of spirit and the work of human hands.

We’re Not the Good Guys
John Goerke, Juicy Ecumenism

In response to an invitation to write an essay on the topic “What’s Wrong with the World?” G.K. Chesterton wrote two words: I am.

The Obama Administration, Marriage, and the States
Ryan T. Anderson, The Foundry

The Obama Administration’s actions today go beyond the scope of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Windsor decision. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in that decision clearly states that marriage law is the purview of the states.