Jesus the Politician
Anthony Esolen, The Catholic Thing

We will never understand anything about Jesus if we insist upon asking Him our questions, rather than allowing Him to ask us His questions.

The Church and the Syrian Refugees
William L. Patenaude, Catholic World Report

“We don’t help people because they are Catholic … We help people because we are Catholic.”

God, Gay Marriage, and Gag Reflexes: Why We Need to Talk About Teleology
Aaron Taylor, Ethika Politika

Though Anyabwile bills his argument as relying solely on the “gag reflex,” what it actually relies on is teleology: the idea that things can be defined by the purpose for which they were created.

A call to legalize sex between teachers and pupils
Gene Veith, Cranach

More taboos keep falling down. A column in the online Washington Post, no less (the leading newspaper of our governing class), argues that we should legalize sex between teachers and underage students.