Because the illogic of the sexual revolution demands such insanity?

From the National Catholic Register’s Joan Frawley Desmond:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation banning  the practice of providing “gay conversion therapy,” also known as “reparative therapy” for teenagers seeking help with un-wanted same-sex attraction, the Washington Post reported today.

As I understand it, no counseling professional may assist a young man to get rid of unwanted homosexual attractions. Apparently this ‘orientation’ is immutable–or if it’s not, the individual must deal with them alone. He cannot get professional help if he wants it. And that’s because one’s sexual identity is not to be manipulated by others?

So if a professional can’t talk to minor about sexual orientation (because it’s fixed and messing with it is harmful?), then why was a professional doctor allowed to alter something as fixed as a biological body of a minor?

Skylar is a boy, but he was born a girl, and lived as one until the age of fourteen. Skylar would put it differently: he believes that, despite biological appearances, he was a boy all along. He’d just been burdened with a body that required medical and surgical adjustments so that it could reflect the gender he knew himself to be. At sixteen, he started getting testosterone injections every other week; just before he turned seventeen, he had a double mastectomy. (New Yorker)

So, if a young man wants to get rid of same-sex feelings, he can’t talk to a professional, but if a young girl wants to get rid of her breasts, it’s legal for her to have a doctor cut them off? Really?