denial Throwing in the Towel

The Denial of Peter

Of Joseph Bottum’s controversial essay in Commonweal, A Catholic’s Case for Same-Sex Marriage, there is much to say, but I will limit myself to observing that in the growing climate of anti-Christian prejudice, vilification, and ostracization, Christians are bound to find themselves faced with daunting situations in which their character and their faith are tested. Not all will come up to the mark, fight the good fight or finish the race. On the other hand, not all who falter once, or even twice, will fail to finish the race. In truth, we have no idea of the degree to which we, ourselves, resemble the saints. We must keep forgiveness at our right hand.

Amen I say to thee, to day, even in this night, before the cock crow twice, thou shall deny me thrice. ~ Mark 14:30.


CWR.There are a couple things that I regret in the article