Counting the Cost (Accurately)
Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, Christianity Today

Why tallies of Christian martyrs vary so widely.

When Classrooms are Pulpits for Bullies
Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Homosexual activists do not say that Clementi was merely the victim of a nasty roommate. Their point—as the students at Howell High School no doubt were made well aware—is that Clementi was the victim of a general disapproval of his behavior.

Court Is ‘One of Most Activist,’ Ginsburg Says, Vowing to Stay
Adam Liptak, New York Times

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 80, vowed in an interview to stay on the Supreme Court as long as her health and intellect remained strong, saying she was fully engaged in her work as the leader of the liberal opposition on what she called “one of the most activist courts in history.”

Unlucky Places: On Deconsecrated Churches
B. D. McClay, First Things

A deconsecrated church is just a pile of stones, I guess, no different from any other. It’s not wrong to live or work or do business in that space, or sacrilegious; and yet, the space is too full of its past.