Anglican church a ‘drunk man’ staggering ever closer to the edge of a cliff, Archbishop says
John Bingham, The Telegraph

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the Anglican church is tottering on the brink of disintegration amid disputes between liberals and traditionalists.

China to phase out use of prisoners’ organs for transplants
Li Hui and Ben Blanchard, Reuters

China will start phasing out its decades-long practice of using the organs of executed prisoners for transplant operations from November, a senior official said on Thursday, as it pushes to mandate the use of organs from ethical sources in hospitals.

Pope Benedict resigned ‘because God told me to do it’
Nick Squires, The Telegraph

A “mystical experience” during a dialogue with God convinced Pope Emeritus Benedict to resign as head of the Roman Catholic Church earlier this year, he has said.

How Conservative are Hispanics?

The longer Hispanics experience U.S. culture, the less socially conservative they become.