Egypt’s Christians Are Facing a Jihad
Nina Shea, National Review Online

As of Sunday night, some 58 churches, as well as several convents, monasteries, and schools, dozens of Christian homes and businesses, even the YMCA, have been documented as looted and burned or subject to other destruction by Islamist rioters.

I Drink Because I’m a Fundie
James R. Rogers, First Things

At one point Megan said, “I don’t like alcohol. I only drink because I’m a Christian.”

Growing up with more than two siblings lowers your divorce risk
Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times

People who grow up with lots of siblings are more likely to marry — and to stay married — than are only children or those who grew up with one or two siblings, a new study has found.

San Antonio debates ‘bias’ toward homosexuals
David Roach, Baptist Press

The San Antonio city council is considering an ordinance that would seem to bar anyone who opposes homosexuality from serving in public office or getting a city contract.