Conservative Christianity and the transgender question
Russell D. Moore, Washington Post

Ultimately, the transgender question is about more than just sex. It’s about what it means to be human.

Reflected glory: Imitation, biography and moral formation in early Christianity
Benjamin Myers, ABC Religion and Ethics

While some early Christian writers drew freely on ancient Roman ideas of virtue and self-care, the characteristic way Christians thought about the moral life was through biography.

Losing My Religion: Faith, Family, and the Real Story of Secularization in the West
Julia Shaw, Public Discourse

In her new book, Mary Eberstadt argues that the West started losing God when it started losing the natural family. If she is right, then churches need to encourage and promote family formation, and religious believers need to form families.

Common Core: A Threat to Catholic Education
Phyllis Schlafly, Crisis Magazine

Although Common Core was designed specifically to address public school failings, the standards are impacting Catholic schools as well.