Should a Christian Photographer Work at a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony?
Russell D. Moore, Moore to the Point

The same-sex marriage differs not in terms of morality, but in terms of reality.

Churches and Domestic Violence
Judy Valente, PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

“Priests generally do not talk about it. And most dioceses in the United States have no services, or very limited services, for victims of domestic violence,” says Father Charles Dahm, who is leading a campaign in Chicago to change that.

Why Does Everyone Defend Pornography?
Mattias A. Caro, Ethika Politika

Take a step back and think about it. Pornography exploits human beings. Sure, no one is compelled into a photoshot, but the freedom of engaging in smut does not somehow make it morally right.

Classical schools put Plato over iPad
Julia Duin, CNN

Parents like them, too; the number of classical schools – public and private – is growing. The curriculum has helped to boost enrollment at religious schools and inspired new public schools.