The Thomas More Society has issued a statement detailing the continuing harassment of Pro-Life groups by the IRS. Their press release for the statement includes:

“Despite claims by the Obama Administration that the harassment has ceased, the Society produced over 250 pages of documentation showing that the federal government is still interrogating pro-life groups beyond the scope of its legal authority, infringing upon these organizations’ First Amendment rights of assembly, free speech, and religious liberty.”

“Despite claims to the contrary, the IRS continues to target and harass pro-life and conservative charities, illegally questioning their religious activities and withholding their tax exemptions,” said Peter Breen vice president and senior counsel of the Thomas More Society. “We have now produced irrefutable evidence of six clients whose First Amendment rights were trampled upon by the IRS because of their position upholding the sanctity of life. Even after public disclosure of this wrongdoing, the Obama Administration’s IRS has refused to cease its illegal activity. We will continue to aid Congress in its investigation until those responsible are brought to justice and the IRS is made to respect every American’s constitutional rights.”

Dated July 19, 2013, Exhibit F-3 in supplemental documentation posted on-line includes this IRS request to a Florida pro-life organization which has been seeking non-profit approval for over a year: “Will you promote demonstrations and/or rallies at clinic [sic] and/or hospitals to stop abortions in your community? If so, please explain.” (The request can be seen on page 195 of the 227 pages.)

Perhaps American citizens might ask the IRS: “Will you drag your feet and ask improper questions to any pro-life organizations to hamper and/or stop pro-life activities in the United States? If so, please explain.”