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TORAH MUSINGS. Can Conservative Religion Survive Gay Marriage? An Orthodox Jewish perspective.

I do not believe that giving in on gay marriage will buy good will or a respite of any kind for the Catholic Church. Militant secularism will not rest until there is not left one stone upon another where the Church now stands. That is the conclusion to be drawn from the Obama administration’s effort to force Church institutions to pay for abortifacient drugs as well as birth control—a dangerous action during an election year that bespeaks an ingrained fanaticism. The hatred for the Church that Jody Bottum chronicles in his essay will not be assuaged by concessions.

C-FAM. Human Rights Groups Support Russian Law. For some mystifying reason, Russia has the quaint idea that it can pass a sovereign law protecting its children from information harmful to their health and development (i.e. pro-homosexual propaganda).

The statement recognizes the Russian law as an effort to protect the family, the fundamental group unit of society. The law is about protecting the “innocence of children” and the “rights of parents”, it reads.

The Russian Duma adopted the Law almost unanimously in the spring. It has sparked international debate about whether countries may curb the freedom of speech of individuals and groups in order to protect minors from information that could be harmful to their health and development.

Homosexual groups have condemned the law as “anti-gay”, even though homosexuality is legal in Russia.

Obviously, this law does not sit well with homosexual propagandists, whose influence in American politics is pervasive and extends—alas— all the way to the top of the US Department of Education.

What? The Russians aren’t impressed with our sterling moral example? (Ironically, Russia appears to be taking the lead in the fight for the preservation of the traditional family; the annual World Congress of Families meeting will be held in Moscow in 2014.)

The Ministry of Truth has been quick to brand anyone who agrees with the Russians as “haters.”

CBNNews.“…shame on him if he is a Christian that he does not speak out.”

That’s a big if.


Words, of course, are the bullets of intellectual debate. If you allow your opponent to select your ammo for you, well, let’s just say you are at a disadvantage. ~ The Diplomad