What’s at Stake with Internet Pornography
Russell D. Moore

In light of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s actions on Internet pornography, here’s why I think we ought to care about digital porn.

Five Myths About Pope Francis
William Doino Jr., First Things

He has been called an “improv pope,” a pope of many surprises, but the biggest surprise of all is that Francis continues to elude all efforts to classify him.

What Is Religious Freedom?
Robert P. George, Public Discourse

In its fullest and most robust sense, religion is the human person’s being in right relation to the divine. All of us have a duty, in conscience, to seek the truth and to honor the freedom of all men and women everywhere to do the same.

When Is a Royal Baby a Fetus?
Owen Strachan, The Atlantic

Never. It is always called a baby. What media coverage of the recent pregnancy and birth has to do with abortion politics.