Paper Keys II: The Myth of the Madmen
Anthony Esolen, The Catholic Thing

If I believe that God made the universe, and sustains it at every moment by his creative will, it seems absurd to deny that He could raise Christ from the dead. But Tyrrell seeks to relocate the Resurrection from the bulky world of history to the pleasant land of the psyche.

Church in the Metropolis
Peter Leithart, First Things

It seems that denominationalism has had its day. A 2009 Barna survey found that denominational commitments have gone squishy in mainline Protestant churches, and Evangelicals don’t fare much better than the rest.

What the Pope Really Meant in His Twitter-Indulgences Announcement
Ryan Jacobs, The Atlantic

It may be quirky and a little bit mysterious, but it could also be the future of faith.

Judge grants stay for Hobby Lobby
Baptist Press

Hobby Lobby has won further relief from a massive penalty as it challenges the Obama administration’s abortion/contraception mandate.