Christians under siege push for more freedom of expression in military
Annie Z. Yu, The Washington Times

There are famously no atheists in foxholes, but some conservatives say that the American military is not giving a fair shake to soldiers, sailors and Marines who want to practice their faith and express their beliefs more openly.

A Hipster for King’s College
Owen Strachan, The American Spectator

Gregory Thornbury will reinforce one of the pillars of ascendant intellectual evangelicalism.

Supreme Court same-sex marriage rulings spark state court challenges
David Masci, Pew Research Center

Just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decisions on same-sex marriage, LGBT advocates are ramping up legal efforts to expand marriage rights for gays and lesbians at the state level.

Wendy Davis, Abortion, and the Media—Frozen in the Stereotype
Gracy Howard, The American Conservative

Conventional perceptions of the abortion debate took a hit this week, as Politico and the New York Times exposed skewed abortion coverage, including the media’s glorification of Texas senator Wendy Davis and her abortion bill filibuster.