The Media’s Irresponsible Reaction to the Zimmerman Verdict
Jonathan Marks, Commntary

Monday’s New York Times editorial on the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is a sorry piece of work.

Without Words to Describe
Helen Alvaré, Public Discourse

Those of us who value life over death, vibrant religious exercise, and the good of natural marriage need to find our voice again even though the powers-that-be are redefining words arbitrarily and avoiding reason.

Racial Justice and the Godness of God
Russell D. Moore, Moore to the Point

White supremacy was, like all iniquity from the Garden insurrection on, cruelly cunning. Those with power were able to keep certain questions from being asked by keeping poor and working-class white people sure that they were superior to someone: to the descendants of the slaves around them.

Predators in the Pew: Protecting Against Child Abuse in Your Church
Deepak Reju, The Gospel Coalition

We fight to protect our kids because we love them and want to preserve the gospel witness of our churches.