Don’t Forget the Copts in Egypt’s Chaos
Gracy Howard, The American Conservative

The Coptic Pope Tawadros II has complained that Morsi wanted to Islamize the government and ignored the plight of Egyptian Copts, who face escalating persecution since the coup.

How Will Future Historians Treat Same-Sex Marriage?
Patrick J. Deneen, Public Discourse

Future historians will probably marvel that LGBT activists—a small, well-organized, and wealthy segment of the population—successfully deployed civil rights language for material benefit, especially at a time when national economic inequality only continues to worsen.

Are We Really So Opposed to Discrimination?
W. Jesse Weins, First Things

As an attorney and university faculty member it can be painful to hear the word “discrimination” constantly thrown about, always negatively, as if any discrimination, we all readily know, should be instantly condemned and corrected.

Illinois Upholds Parental Notification on Abortion After 18-Year Legal Battle
Tom Ciesielka, LifeNews

Illinois’ long-delayed Parental Notice of Abortion Act will finally go into effect within a matter of days thanks to the Illinois Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling this morning that the law does not violate the Illinois Constitution.