The Deadly Myth of the “Consenting Adult”
John Zmirak, Aletieia

Do we really have no responsibility to our fellow man so long as he has “consented”?

African Religious Leaders Reject Obama’s Call For Gay Rights
Fredrick Nzwili, OCP Media

Religious leaders in Africa strongly rebuked President Obama’s call to decriminalize homosexuality, suggesting it’s the reason why he received a less-than-warm welcome during a recent trip to the continent.

One Step Further Toward Nationwide Gay Marriage
Spencer Amaral, American Spectator

A Michigan lawsuit filed over lesbian adoption could be the first case to test the impact of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in United States v. Windsor, which struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

9 Things You Should Know about John Calvin
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Yesterday was the 504th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin (July 10, 1509). Here are nine things you should know about the French theologian and Reformer.