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Ship of Fools – Brandt

CRANMER: The Enemy Theories That Conquer Us.

“The revolutionary change from a Christian society to an overbearing secular authority is profound and it will not be reversed – and certainly not by some supposed natural process such as ‘the swing of the pendulum’. When we look to discover how this catastrophe has come about, we should turn to the philosopher and poet T.E. Hulme. At the beginning of the 20th century, he wrote:

We have been beaten because our enemies’ theories have conquered us. We have played with those to our own undoing. Not until we are hardened again by conviction are we likely to do any good. In accepting the theories of the other side, we are merely repeating a well-known historical phenomenon. The Revolution in France came about not so much because the forces which should have resisted were half-hearted in their resistance. They themselves had been conquered intellectually by the theories of the revolutionary side. An institution or a civilisation is beaten only when it has lost faith in itself, when it has been penetrated by the ideas that are working against it.

Emphasis, mine. Incidentally, I would whole-heartedly recommend the Archbishop Cranmer blog to anyone interested in Marxism’s war against Christianity. The UK is in the vanguard of this war, and this Anglican blog provides Americans with a clear view of the shape society will assume if we passively allow events to take their course, unopposed. Yes, the UK actually has a Government and Equalities Office, working tirelessly, no doubt, to whittle down those obnoxious and tenacious square pegs.

OBAMA ADMIN: Forcing German Christians [the Romeikes] to Send Children to Public School is Not Persecution. “Attorney General Holder is trying to seek dismissal of this case because he believes that targeting specific groups in the name of tolerance is within the normal legitimate functions of government,” Farris said. “This cannot be the ultimate position of the United States without denying the essence of our commitment to liberty.”

But, Mr. Farris, how certain are you that this administration has that commitment?

FATHER Z: Protesters at Mass must be denied Holy Communion. Have a plan of action?

“I foresee that certain groups will be more and more emboldened to “take on the Church” at the local level, that is, by acting up in and around parishes and chanceries. Some of these nut jobs will be violent, and you never know when a crowd can become a mob.”

Up-and-coming trend: Church security services.

ANCHORESS: When the Strange God Wins, You Kill Yourself. Elizabeth Scalia, Catholic blogger and author of the new book, Strange Gods, Umasking the Idols in Everyday Life, in speaking of abortion, re-inforces the essential, but all-too easily obscured, Christian principle that all sin consists primarily in self-idolatry, in setting one’s own will above that of God. There is, in essence, only one commandment—the First.

Or, put another way: “I just sacrificed my child to the idol of I. The idol of myself. I can’t even claim he was sacrificed for the idol of future plans, or that she was sacrificed to the idol of a career. No, I just sacrificed my child to me. To the idea of me: Ms. Personal Autonomy. I am like a god! I decide who lives and dies; didn’t feel like having another baby, so I killed it. Because I could. My other two kids only breathe and live by my grace, alone.

From this perspective, Satan’s “Ye shall be as Gods,” reveals its true identity as a curse, rather than an enticement.

DOUG MATACONIS: Police Take Over Private Home, Giving Rise To Possible Third Amendment Violation. “Henderson police arrested a family for refusing to let officers use their homes as lookouts for a domestic violence investigation of their neighbors, the family claims in court.”

And so, the last item in the Bill of Rights is on the block—all the others have already been duly dispatched. If a legal equivalence can be created between one type of government agent and another, what might the ramifications be for Christians and other political ‘deviants’ in the future? What government agencies might be invented and what enforcement positions created? Law professor Glenn Reynolds has an idea: “…we need to return to the sense of one’s home as a castle, a “fundamental right of privacy” that the Third Amendment was intended to protect.”

IT WRITES ITSELF: Washington State to remove 40,000 pieces of legislation of ‘gender biased language’. “Civil engineering terms such as ‘man hole’ and ‘man lock,’ also will not be changed because no common-sense substitutes could easily be found, Thiessen said.”


“Fools are often very clever. Some have enormously high IQs and office walls packed with so many degrees that there is no room for a window. And they are still fools because they have no ability to draw the right conclusions.” ~ Daniel Greenfield

Spelling and reasoning errors I can’t blame on anyone else are mine alone. Later.—gm